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The 52-Week Challenge

Taking the PlungeIt's easy to say you'll be more romantic in your relationship. We all know the benefits of keeping the flames of love burning. We have every intention of putting our partner at the top of our To-Do List. But, we often find that our relationship starts to slowly lose its ranking on our list as work, the kids, going to the gym, family, sleep and more take over the top spots.

Unfortunately, taking our partners and our relationships for granted is a trap many of us fall into. Unlike work or going to the gym, we can neglect our partners and often they'll still be there for us. Yet, that doesn't make for the best connection between you and your sweetheart.

So, what's a well-intentioned, yet romantically-inept individual to do? Take the "52-Week Challenge". It's kind of like a New Year's Resolution that can be started at any time, on any day. And, it comes with a guarantee.

The Rules

Rule #1) Once a week, rain or shine, at home or away for business, sick or well, content or crabby, you need to do something romantic for your partner.

Rule #2) You can't repeat any of the romantic gestures during the year. You need fifty-two different attempts. Example: you write a love letter to your partner on week seven. If you write another on week 38, although it's very romantic and it should still be delivered, it won't count as your romantic "something" for the week. Gotta find something different, new and creative.

Rule #3) Don't get lazy.

As for the guarantee: I guarantee that if you follow the rules to the "52-Week Challenge" that I've set forth above and it doesn't put your relationship back in the top three of your To-Do List, I will refund 150% of your purchase price, and you get to keep the Challenge, no questions asked.

I actually put the Challenge to the test not too long ago. And, it wasn't as easy as I thought. The first eight or nine weeks were smooth. I'd wake up Sunday morning, come up with a romance plan for the week, pencil it in to my calendar and be sure it was completed by Saturday.

By week twenty, the Challenge became, well, a challenge. I became like the guy who joins a gym on January 1st. By March, it's much harder to drag yourself out of bed and hit the weights. But, like the guy struggling with his New Year's resolution, I learned that if I continued through this tough time, the wrinkles flattened out a bit.

Smooth sailing weeks 25 through 40… until I started running out of ideas (Rule #2 – couldn't repeat prior romantic attempts). I used the internet and bought books to give me enough romantic ammunition to fill my relationship arsenal for the next twelve weeks. (The nice thing is for all of you who decide to take the Challenge, this site, CouplesCommittedToLove.com, offers new romance tips daily. Come back whenever you find yourself tempted to get another bouquet of flowers.)

By week fifty-two I was a changed man. I was changed because regular romance attempts had become habitual for me. If you do something regularly for a year there's a good chance that new behavior will become imbedded in your personality. Like brushing your teeth twice a day, checking your emails every evening, reading the paper Sunday morning, being romantic can become a priority again and make its way back up your To-Do List.

So, give it a shot. I dare you to accept my Challenge. Convince your partner to do it with you. Then, email me and tell me how it's going (or how it went).