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Romance Is For Men, Too

Smiling CoupleIt’s not uncommon for both men and women to associate the word "romance" with what a man does for a woman. Since men often see romance as flowers, teddy bears, and jewelry, they assume that romance is just not for them. Whereas, women don’t know what men find romantic, because many men don’t realize that they want romance, too.


When a man receives a couple of compliments or gets his ego stroked, he feels accomplished, like he’s done well. It may give him a swollen head, but it also allows his brain to release endorphins, which are addicting  little buggers that make him feel just fantastic.  

So, tell him he’s done a great job painting the bedroom, order a “Best Hubby” trophy for your anniversary, decorate a pair of boxers with “Greatest Lover”, tell him he looks fit and young (even if he doesn’t look as fit and young as when you first met). Find a way to make your man realize that you appreciate him.


Many men have a hey-day, a time in their lives they feel they were at their best. Could be in high school or college. Very often these were times of dating different women, youth, winning the “big game”, getting accepted into college, and maybe meeting his significant other. 

Although he may be accomplished, healthy, and happy now, bringing back his hey-day can illicit fond memories that he’ll consider romantic, because you are the catalyst that brought these thoughts back to the surface. 

Burn him a CD of his favorite songs of yesteryear. Buy him a season of his favorite TV series from college. Pick up a piece or two for that collection he started in high school. Memories are powerful, and fond ones can be romantic.



Society tells us that men are the ones who are supposed to control the relationship: make the decisions, pay for the dates, choose the vacation destinations, make the arrangements, etc… 

Many guys will accept this responsibility without a second thought. Most won’t even realize that they are stepping into a role (read “stereotype”). But, when a woman takes these responsibilities out of the man’s hands, he’ll notice the difference and appreciate her efforts. 

Make dinner reservations without telling him. Steal him away to a hot air balloon adventure. Borrow his car and get it detailed, or better yet, get a new stereo installed. Surprise him with a picnic lunch at his office or a weekend getaway you secretly arranged. Letting someone else take the reigns when it’s least expected is a wonderful surprise.



Can’t forget the obvious, can we? Funny thing is, although men seem to be hungry carnivores and sex is a juicy T-bone, men actually associate sex to closeness and romance. It’s not only a physical thing. 

Very often a man’s desire for sexual intimacy can be compared to a woman’s desire for cuddling up together or walking on the beach. Having sex releases oxytocin in men. It’s often referred to as the “cuddle chemical,” and it builds passion and loving feelings. So, women should seduce their men before the act. Dress the part when he comes home. Greet him at the door in his boxers and t-shirt, or even better, his work shirt and tie. He’ll know immediately where this is heading, and the new clothes, his clothes, will be a turn on because you’re in them. 

Also, consider have a set of boudoir photos done for him. Men are highly visual creatures and since sex is on their minds so often, might as well be images of you they’re envisioning. 

Then, during sex, make sure that there is a lot of caressing, touching and kissing.

Follow these steps and your man will learn that romance is for him, too