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Three Ways to Keep Romance in Your Relationship


Pink Thingie

When I ask couples what makes something romantic, they've told me time and again that it doesn't really matter so much what their partner does for them, but if they've thought it through, if they've put a new spin on an old favorite, if they've been creative.

Dinner and a movie is the old stand by. Put a new spin on this classic by blindfolding her on her way to the restaurant, then having the waiter deliver your movie tickets to the table.

Want to give him tickets to the concert of his favorite band? Stick the CD in his sack lunch and a note, "Play this as you drive from work. Then, meet me at 6:00. Be dressed to rock." That's creativity.


Smiling Couple

Romance is nothing more than trying to do something special. It's just putting out some effort. Even when you do a horrible job, if your partner believes you tried, they'll consider the attempt "cute", which translates to "romantic". Example: you're a horrible writer but you attempt a love sonnet that turns out to be horrendous. Odds are, he'll find the attempt romantic.

Just put in some effort and time to any idea and you've got romance. You want to take her to a bed and breakfast weekend getaway? Don't just take her; send her on a treasure hunt around the house (or better yet, around town). Each location is a clue that leads her to the next clue, which inevitably leads to the brochure of the Bed and Breakfast you'll be taking her to. Same end result, you're taking her to the B&B, but with a bit of effort, your surprise becomes an adventure.


Hearts in Sand

Go public only if both of you are the types who can pull it off comfortably, and if the idea lends itself to publicity. Going public just means professing your love for your sweetheart for all to see and hear.

Some find this type of love completely endearing while others would rather keep it private. Say you want to tell your partner you love her. Going public might mean calling a radio station and saying it on air, buying ad space and professing your love in the local paper, or hiring a skywriter to write her a message in the heavens.