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Romance and Intimacy

You can definitely have romance in a long-term, committed relationship without sharing sexual intimacy. But, it can be a bit more of a struggle than those in a relationship where they share sexual intimacy.

FeetThe reason: Romance is often physical. And, in a long-term, adult relationship that lacks sex, there is an obstacle that's not allowing complete romantic physical freedom.

Before I go any further, I can already see the discussion board responses: "You can have a strong, if not stronger relationship, without sex, than you can with," or, "It sounds like you're advocating hopping in the sack to ensure romance and a loving relationship."

Let me address these first. True, there are those couples who never share sexual intimacy with one another, and have wonderful, strong, loving relationships. And, I am in no way advocating sex to ensure a loving relationship.

Sex will not make a couple fall in love. What it will do is bring a couple who is already in love closer. Two people can't get any closer physically than during sexual intercourse. Although you can be close without sex, intimacy in a loving relationship can bring closeness to a higher level: ecstasy, nirvana.

Romance is playful. When couples have sex, a playfulness emerges that isn't there between couples not sharing intercourse.

Romance is bonding. Sex brings couples together intimately. We're at our most vulnerable, and are sharing that with the one closest to us. Inside secrets are shared between the two. A common bond grows, and there's more to laugh about and more reason to spend time together away from the bedroom.

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