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I Think I've Fallen Out of Love

Most of the time, we just don't stop loving or start loving someone less. Once we love someone, have those feelings we label as "love", we almost always carry those feelings for them, but other emotions can get in the way of this realization: anger, frustration, boredom, and jealousy.

Upset Couple

Also, there's the chance that our feelings stay the same for one person, but our definition of love changes as we get closer to someone else.

Another reason we may think we've fallen out of love is because we forget our feelings due to lack of time with our partner.

The point is that when we claim love for someone, often those feelings remain, but other variables mask them or change our definition of love. At times we even change so much, but the feelings for that person who you said, "I love you" to remain, even if the person who said it and the person who was on the receiving end have changed. That's why we can hold a torch for our high school sweethearts thirty years after high school.

Other emotions shadow love as we grow accustomed and comfortable in our relationships. These are the mimic emotions": infatuation, lust, rebound love, puppy love, passion. These can all feel like love, can feel stronger than the love we have for someone, making it easy to think we've fallen out of love.

We may actually abandon true love because we're temporarily confused, because the other emotions are exciting, while our love relationship becomes monotonous.

It's difficult to fall out of love. It's much easier to get used to it (complacency and boredom) or to find something more exciting.

The way to remedy this is through romance. Once we bring romance back to a loving relationship we're also bringing excitement, fun, passion, and life. And, the deception of falling out of love disappears.