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Is There Love After Love?

Two Hearts, One BrokenThe simple answer: yes.

After a loving relationship you can love again. If you find someone you care for and your romantic feelings are the strongest you've ever experienced, you're in love again.

But, there are times when we think we're in love again, but we really are not. Why?

1) Because we long for love. So, when we get involved in a new relationship we want it to be love so badly that we tell ourselves it is even if it is not.

2) Because we have a need to fill a void. With our former partner no longer a romantic partner, it feels as though something is missing. We think we're not complete without a loving relationship in our lives. Therefore, we imagine a love that isn't there. And,

3) Mimic emotions take over. Infatuation, lust, rebound love all can pose as love. They are exciting and fun (fat vs. high).

Love, real love (high) is hard to come by, but it's not impossible to love again. What it takes is patience, being comfortable with yourself and not looking for love. It's like losing your cell phone.

You can get yourself all worked up looking everywhere for it, finding only disappointment when it's not located. Wait awhile. Like love, when you least expect it, you will hear its ring. You'll follow its chime. And you may find that it was right there under your nose the entire time.

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