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I Love Them Both

If you utter these words, it's a cop out!

When you love someone, it's the highest emotion you have for another. It's deep. It's pure. And, it's undeniable.

Odds are, you will not experience the exact same magnitude of emotion for two people at the same time. The chances are just too slim. You will feel more for one than the other.

What's happening when you believe you have love for two people, you're getting other emotions (mimic emotions) confused with love.

If you're truly torn between the two, don't look to them. It's time to search yourself, because it's you who holds the answer, not them.

The one you've been with is the true love. The new person in this triangle is not your love of loves. Why? Because, if you'd loved the new person, that emotion would be fat and high, exciting and stable. There'd be no question that this was the one. You wouldn't be debating between the two. Although you may still love the first person, it's obvious that the excitement is fizzling out. When you love someone new, you not only feel stability but also passion, fun, and excitement. There'd be no question about it. You wouldn't be caught dead saying, "I love them both."

There's no question when you fall in new love. It's high and it's fat and it's remarkable! You can't get enough of it.

Endorphins swarm the brain like ants on honey and you never want it to stop.

So, YOU DON"T LOVE THEM BOTH. Step up and look at yourself. Look at your situation. Dig deep and find the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but lies hurt more. Make a decision and act like an adult!