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Creating A Relationship
That Is Not Only Fat, But High

When you're in a new relationship and you say to yourself, "I'm not sure I'm in love,"... then, YOU'RE NOT!

Why? Because LOVE NEVER HIDES. You will know it when it hits you. You can't miss it.

When you think that you're in love, wait a little bit. Because, although true love never hides, there are other emotions that will masquerade as love.

Infatuation, lust, rebound love and puppy love can all feel as strong as "love", but all often fade quickly. True love, on the other hand, sticks around. So, it's important to wait a little while when you "fall in love" to be sure you're not being suckered by a "mimic emotion".

Although we may experience a different emotion and be fooled into thinking it's love, we'll never fall in love and question it, because true love is so obvious.

Yet, old, comfy (true) love can sometimes confuse us. We may become bored, too comfortable or complacent within our relationship, but seeing that the relationship was initially based on true love, odds are, love is still there.

When love becomes stale and routine, stagnant and boring, we can confuse it with other "mimic" or "fat" emotions: lust, rebound love, passion, puppy love and infatuation. Most love relationships start off with these fat emotions. They are intense and exciting emotions. They're what keeps us thinking about our sweetheart until two in the morning, and what gets are hearts racing at the site of our  partner.

So, when we feel these fat emotions again, we can easily mistake them for love, when in reality, they aren't love at all. They merely accompany love at its beginning stages.

The difference between these mimic emotions and love is that the mimic emotions are exciting, yes, but are only temporary, while love is long-lasting, stable and comfortable (high, rather than fat). Love will last the long haul.


When fat emotions wear off, love, on the other hand,  is still high (even if it is no longer fat). In other words, love stays stable and comfortable, but can lose it's excitement and become boring, mundane and hum-drum.

Therefore, we must keep love fat. The way to do that is through romance. Romance is the cement that solidifies love. It packs on the girth in a loving relationship. Romance makes love exciting, passionate, and alive again, the same feelings that accompany the mimic emotions.


Fat emotions are a dime a dozen. They're fun, but easy to come by. But, love, the strongest connection we have for another, is more difficult to find.

So, it's wiser and more energy-efficient to work on making love fat, rather than hoping another fat emotion will blossom into true love.

Don't abandon a "high, yet skinny" for a "fat, but short". Because, if what you want is high and fat, as we all know, it's harder to grow taller, but pretty simple to get fatter.