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The Finance of Romance looks at relationships in a unique way, through the lens of finance. The book takes simple, familiar and practical investment and money strategies and applies them in ways to allow couples to invest in their relationship portfolios as they would their financial portfolios.

The Finance of Romance is filled with incredible advice and guidance, personal anecdotes, humor, and at the end of each of the thirteen chapters couples find activities to practice what they’ve learned and expand what they know.



Read The Finance of Romance and learn:

  • How to avoid relationship bankruptcy (page 101)
  • Why love alone is not enough to keep your relationship secure (page 7)
  • Your relationship credit score (page 73)
  • Why love can be as addictive as a drug (page 62)
  • Why finance is easier than romance for men to grasp (page 6)
  • How bringing a sack lunch to work will make your marriage stronger (page 35)
  • How to pay off relationship debt (page 24)
  • Where your relationship is on your priority list (page 125)
  • Ninety-four simple ways to diversify and reinvest in your relationship (page 94)
  • How to spend more time on your relationship even with a busy schedule (page 51)
  • The skills to create a relationship budget (page 55)
  • Why it’s important to hold hands in front of your children (page 85)
  • When to close your relationship account (page 108)
  • How to reinvest your profits back into your relationship portfolio (page 93)
  • The best way to argue with your partner (page 87)
  • Why danger can be good for your marriage (page 66)


Press for The Finance of Romance:




“There’s no other book quite like The Finance of Romance. I found it to be refreshingly practical, entertaining, easy-to-read, financially sound, and dead on about romantic love relationships. This is definitely a book that you buy once, and refer to again and again.”

            – Steve Nakamoto, “2-Time Writer’s Digest Award-Winning Relationship Author” and The’s Mr. Answer Man relationship expert advisor


“I’ve seen many books on relationships over the years, but approaching love as you would approach money is not only exciting, but simple and practical. I’ve never seen anything like The Finance of Romance, and I think it will change lives.”

            -Susan Heim, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series


“Romance for men can be scary stuff. Leon’s incredible sense of humor and brilliant connection with money makes this a book that all men will actually enjoy reading.”

            -Michael Webb, Best-selling relationship author and founder of


“Talk about growing your investment and reducing risk at the same time. The Finance of Romance is a small price to pay to ensure your relationship will grow throughout the years. If only all companies were this conscientious.”

         – Gary Patterson, The Fiscal Doctor, Author of Stick Out Your Balance Sheet and Cough


“Reading Leon Scott Baxter’s The Finance of Romance is like having a conversation with a very funny friend. You’ll laugh out loud, but best of all, when you’re done you will have a solid plan for romance and finance.”

            -Mary Zalmanek, Author of The Art of the Spark: 12 Habits to Inspire Romantic Adventures


“Leon Scott Baxter draws insightful parallels between successfully building a financial portfolio and investing in your love portfolio. Both men and women can benefit from The Finance of Romance!”

            – Gail Rubin, Author of A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout: Reflections on Dating and Fly-Fishing


“As a Financial Advisor, I find Leon’s tips sound and easy to follow. When he correlates the same tips for love, everything comes together. My clients are going to really appreciate and enjoy The Finance of Romance.”    

            -Timothy N. Tremblay, OSJ, Registered Securities Principal


“The analogies between money and relationships were absolutely brilliant in The Finance of Romance. The book is packed with insightful information, practical advice and thought-provoking exercises, and is written in a humorous style that made the book an absolute joy to read.”

         -Talayah Stovall, Speaker, Life Purpose Coach and Author of Crossing the Threshold


“Leon hit the lottery with this book which takes the approach that investing into your relationship is just as important as how we should manage our bank accounts. Both men and the women they love will benefit from the easy to read and even easier to apply tools and questionnaires that encourage couples to ‘bank more bucks’ in their love life! All relationships will enjoy and benefit from Leon’s wisdom, loving spirit and his heartfelt wish for your success!”

         – Dr. Joni Frater & Esther Lastique, Authors of Love Her Right


“As a life coach and radio host, I’ve seen and read a lot of books on relationships, but nothing like The Finance of Romance. It’s funny, practical and easy to apply. Leon Scott Baxter has created the blueprint for family and relationship success! This is one investment you’ll be grateful you made.”

         -Line Brunet, Life Coach and Host of Family Focus Radio Show


Leon Scott Baxter is both relevant and thought-provoking; paralleling the importance of finances to relationships is pure genius! While men consider themselves ‘financial experts’, women are more often ‘communication experts.’ America’s Romance Guru’s sappy sense of humor will keep both men and women smiling page after page as they learn how to connect with each other’s ‘expertise’. “

            -Simon Presland, professional writer and editor


The Finance of Romance is filled with good advice. It’s a fun, easy and entertaining read. I’m glad I read it. I give it 5 stars and strongly recommend it for anyone who is looking to strengthen his/her relationship.”

           -Elizabeth Blake, Author of the award-winning No Child Left Behind? The True Story of a Teacher’s Quest


“Leon Scott Baxter has written an absolutely outstanding guide for anyone who is married, no matter if they are newlyweds or celebrating 40 years of marriage. The tips at the end of each chapter are priceless and extremely valuable in making anyone’s relationship thrive. Just like investing, relationships require we first make deposits before making a withdrawal. Leon shows you all of this in a humorous and easy to read format.”

         -Gary Spinell, self-help/motivation author of It Was YOU All Along


“You will enjoy reading this book and recognizing that there are tangible rewards for investing in family. Those investments will pay off not just in the future, but right now. Here’s to a happy and fulfilled life and thanks, Leon, for being our guide.”

         – Judy Helm Wright, Author and speaker on family relationship issues and author of Using Encouraging Words


“This smart and funny book shows you how to invest in your relationship and get a positive return. Wow, I’ve already strengthened my relationship portfolio.

            -D.E. Boone, Author of Legs Talk: A Modern Girl’s Dating Tale


“If you are in a relationship and you care enough about it to keep it strong, healthy and enjoyable, then buy The Finance of Romance! Not only will you find it to be a practical guide to staying on course, but it’s a really fun read, an investment you and your partner won’t regret.”

            – Paul & Debbie Lamb, Authors of Be a Better Partner


 “As the owner and operator of several successful dating services in Northern America, I find Leon’s approach to relationships refreshingly practical. The work that is involved in finance, or making your fortune, doesn’t end at the starting line, and neither do relationships!”

            – Paul Goldenberg, Former Owner of Dating Services


“I read The Finance of Romance in two days, and I think it is absolutely brilliant! I think it is incredible the way Leon Scot Baxter connected each chapter to finance and romance. It is a practical book in lots of ways. I love the worksheets in the back. I love the writing style. I found the book very entertaining!”

             -Vera Lyons, Retired School Teacher


“I own lots of relationship quick-fix books.  Let me tell ya, I can’t get Hubby to open the first chapter to read page one.  When I started reading The Finance of Romance to him his ears perked up.  When you take stock of your relationship and it’s value like you do your finances you’ll realize it’s fun  and easy to make romance a priority!”

             -Leslie, Blogger at Leslie Loves Veggies


“I ended up making notes in the margins, as did my husband, and after finishing each chapter, we talked about how we could apply what we had just read to our relationship.  We began seeing together areas in the relationship that were broken, and ways to bring our disconnection back together.  Truly an inspiring and helpful book for couples looking to make their relationships last, ’til death do you part’.”

             -Blogger at Inspired By Savannah


“I am a licensed therapist and I found Leon’s book to be so valuable for couples.  It is intelligently well-written and uses just the right amount of humor to capture it’s intended audience.  I will definitely recommend this for many of my clients.

             -Alyson Bostwick, MFT, Santa Barbara, CA










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