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A Labor With Love

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Not only are there physical, physiological, hormonal, and emotional changes in pregnancy. But, romance changes, too.

Based on moms’, new moms’, and moms’-to-be responses, as well as pregnancy professionals, A Labor With Love walks a man through each stage of pregnancy and shows him how to make his pregnant partner feel loved and cared for.

A family is like a house, and Mom and Dad are the foundation. Before Baby arrives, to secure that the foundation is a strong and secure one, work needs to go into the relationship. Because once Junior makes his arrival, things can get a bit crazy. But, if Mom and Dad maintain a bonding and caring connection (which starts before delivery), the family unit will be a loving one.


Read A Labor With Love and learn:

  • Expecting dads’ biggest fear (page 42)
  • What two chores, more than any others, do pregnant moms want dad-to-be to do around the house (page 93)
  • What’s romantic to 70% of pregnant women (page 30)
  • The one thing Dad should ask the doctor for at the twenty week visit (page 85)
  • The spot to touch a pregnant woman to relieve her sciatica (page 34)
  • What the two of you can do to not only spend time together but also to stay fit (page 77)
  • When a pregnant woman’s libido is most likely to soar (page 43)
  • How acting like Grandma benefits expecting Mom (page 66)
  • What one-third of pregnant women are dying to hear (page 52)




“Genius. That’s all I have to say about Leon…sheer genius.”
-Laura Corn, New York Times Best Selling Author of 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

“Superb! A Labor With Love is a down to earth and practical blessing disguised as a book. It’s an easy read that gives Dad the opportunity to cherish his pregnant partner, while allowing them both to laugh out loud. This is a book not to be missed by any man who wants to truly participate in his wife’s pregnancy by building trust and intimacy during those miraculous nine months.”
-Tracy Schmidt, Pre- and Postnatal Educator and mother of five

“The changes that occur during pregnancy are profound and can be challenging for both partners. Leon Scott Baxter presents us with the idea that romance doesn’t have to end at conception, and draws upon the experiences of the real experts – moms – to encourage men to be creative in finding ways to keep romance alive.”
-Juan R. Riker, Ph.D., Psychologist and father of two

“A Labor With Love has been incredibly enlightening throughout my wife’s pregnancy. Leon Scott Baxter has really given me some insight on what I need to be aware of, and his book has caused me to be more attentive, caring, and helpful around the house. My wife has really appreciated the little things that I’ve tried!” 
-Drew Phelps, father of one and another on the way

“(We) read (the book) and really enjoyed the insight you had into the experience of pregnancy. Thank you again and best of luck with the book. We hope it becomes a best seller!” 
-Malia and Michael Bingham (new parents)

“I wish my husband would have read this book. Leon Scott Baxter hits the romance nail square on the head. He listens to women, and shows men how to respond to our needs. A Labor With Love presents great ideas in a fun and well-organized way.”
-Christine Rhatigan, mother of a two-year old

“...I have to say that after reading this book with my husband, he knows what he can do to help our relationship during pregnancy…I can see a big difference in my husband’s actions after reading this book especially when I compare this pregnancy to when I was pregnant with my daughters.  Adam is more compassionate and loving towards me. He understands that I have new and different needs now that I am pregnant.
-Jennifer of, blogger, mother and expecting mom


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