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Relationship Coaching

If your relationship situation warrants more than posing a question on Leon’s Ask the Guru page, if you need an immediate response, if you require deeper explanations and you would like to talk with America’s Relationship Guru one-on-one, Leon Scott Baxter is offering relationship coaching by phone.

- Intimacy Issues
– Couple’s Coaching
– Finding the Spark Again
– Help Creating a Romantic Adventure
– Is It Love or Not?
– Long-Distance Relationships
– Stay Together or Separate?
– Trust Issues
– Taking A Break


$100 an hour (with a thirty minute minimum).
Or, prepay for three hours for only $250.

Talk to Leon free for the first 10 minutes to discover if he’s right for you and for him to learn if he can help.

Phone coaching is available almost anywhere. You can speak to him solo or as a couple (805-270-KISS [5477]). Prepayment for your session in advance via PayPal is required.

  • Testimonials
    Thank you very much... I feel a whole lot better now! — Marie
    He has been extremely helpful and demonstrated knowledge of the topic. He is very clear in his responses and has helped me learn a lot. — Kortni
    Thanks Leon - your advice is great! It makes a lot of sense and it does tend to make me feel a bit better about the situation ;) — Michele
    I just wanted to thank you so much for your advice. It seems to have really helped me and has helped to strengthen my relationship. Thanks for everything! :) — Karina
    Thank you so much for your help! Your comments are always kind, understanding, and sensitive. I think you gave me genuinely good advice. Thanks again! — Jenni
    Very thorough and helpful! — Lori
    Holy cow, I love your response. I never looked at it in that manner. I hate to admit it, but you are right. I never would have thought it that way. God bless you and keep up the good work. I feel a flow of positive energy. Thank you. Thank you." — Ray
    Thank you so much for your time. Like going to the doctor! — Curtis
    Mr. Baxter, thank you for your prompt response... Your information was very helpful and insightful. — Zaira
    He is very patient and positive. I like that a lot about him. — Alison
    Great advice! thank you so much — Christi
    Really gave me a good understanding of what I am going through... you are awesome and you have helped me so much. — Matthew
    WOW, that really really helped. Thanks so much. — Sara
    Leon is an amazing individual. He is very helpful...and very knowledgeable. He doesn't try to sugar coat things and tells you how it is. — RT
    I'm in your debt. This response was very reassuring and needed! It made me feel so much better, especially sharing your personal experience with similar experiences. Thank you! — Todd
    Thank you SO much for your advice! It made me realize a lot. You are very right and I love how blunt you were about it. Thank you! — Keona
    You are absolutely fabulous. Thank you very much for all your spot on advice. — Monique N
    You are so helpful. Glad to have you around in helping me out....many thanks. — Ju
    Excellent advice. Open minded to all perspectives, yet very informative. — Cody
    Thank you, Leon... your advice gave me some new insight and I really appreciate it! — John
    THANK YOU! He was so positive and didn't want me to give up. I just needed reassurance, which he gave me :) — Stacy
    GR8 advice — Dipesh P.
    Prompt, polite and absolutely wonderful advice. — Chris T.
    Sound, simple advice. Much appreciated. Thank you so much. — Rob
    He is awesome. :) — Alison
    What he said to me really helped me understand what I was going through and I really appreciate it — Quelle
    Great advice, went right to the point I needed. Thanks a lot! — Gabriel
    Wow! I'm so impressed with Mr. Baxter! He is very helpful. — Becka
    Thanks you have put my relationship in perspective. Helped me to know what to do. — Claire
    I was feeling so confused and he helped me straighten it out. — Stacey
    Thank you so much for your advice. You took your time and went into detail which showed you really cared about my situation. It is very helpful... Thank you so much. — Adena
    Thanks for always making me feel better. I don't know what I would do without you. — Ray
    "I've not felt more comfortable or helped by anyone else in years." — Michael

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